Terra Control GmbH


Reliable high-tech for the subsoil!

Geotechnical Engineering together with the related field of Engineering Geology is our most important service for all civil engineering questions related to the subsoil.

It is the main assurance of cost-effective construction without subsoil-related damage!

Competent geotechnical engineering expertise will benefit construction projects of any size!

Our innovative approach to the planning, analysis, design and supervision of any construction leads to optimized, custom-tailored solutions for almost all situations, including subsoil problems and rehabilitation of soil-related structural damage.

From A for anchoring, to F for foundation engineering, to G for geosynthetics or gabions, to L for landfill design, to R for reinforced soilstructures, to S for slopestability, T for tunneling and W for waterfrontstructures.

These diverse examples have one in common: they rely on Geotechnical Engineering.

We hope your project will rely on our service!

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